Hartford CT - Since 2010

Organized during the spring of 2010, Capital City Fire Helmets LLC specializes in leather fire helmets. Our primary focus is to preserve and restore leather fire helmets to the older retro look and specifications used up until 1997. 

Capital City is a firefighter owned and operated company, serving the City of Hartford Fire Department, CT since 2007.

Our original offering for years was a full repainting service and 

refurbishment of leather fire helmets. Full paint service was eliminated when the Retro Helmet was introduced. 

Since then we have been able to innovate multiple solutions for firefighter's helmet needs such as: 

- Making Retro Brass mainstream for leather helmets

- Innovating the original 880 helmet conversion to fit like a leather, in conjunction with Rag Top Industries

- Creating the Retro Helmet option for the N5A, N6A, and G5A in 2015

- Offering custom size deep suspensions since 2010

- Offering a solution for ratchet re-installations without replacing the impact cap since 2010

These are only a few, but we are proud of our accomplishments. They were not services readily available to firefighters before Cap. City.

In 2020 the decision was made to debut the Retro Division

The Retro Division was born out of the joint effort of Capital City Fire Helmets and RagTop Industries to combine business operations under one roof, under the RagTop brand, but to have a separate division encompassing all aspects of the Retro fire helmet. 

This division is headed by both CCFH and Rag Top, and will primarily operate out of RagTopā€™s Sanford St location in Hamden CT. 

Consider Cap. City the 'builder' and RagTop the 'vendor'

All work is still completed by CCFH but is available exclusively through RTI